Fiji Day 8

Fiji Day 8

Today is Monday, which means we have been here for a week! Time has gone so quickly! Today we got invited to a wedding which was super exciting. We arrived there at 11, and in true Fiji time, the bride didn’t get there until 12! It was great to experience a different culture and the way that they do things. The wedding was quite similar to an Australian one, the only stand out different thing was what they wore. After having lunch, the group split up – some went back to the village we’re staying at and others went and visited other villages. I went with the group to the other villages and it was so much fun! We went to 5 in total. The last village we went to is known as the “party village” and it was deservedly so! When we got there they were playing music in the community hall and they got us to join in with some dancing which was awesome! They then performed a traditional warrior dance for us and this was really interesting, and loud! When we were done at the villages we went back and pretty well went to bed because we have an early start in the morning!

Thanks for reading, Shona Mimi xx



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