Fiji Day 13 & 14

Fiji Day 13 & 14

This weekend has been pretty relaxed and easy going, so I decided to put both the days together! On Saturday, we decided to cook an “Aussie” meal for our host families in the village. We went into town to get our supplies and it was possibly the worst shopping experience ever! Way to many people with trollies in crammed isles is not fun. After we got back to the village, we went and watched a game of rugby. I thought it was going to be boring but I actually really enjoyed it! When we got back we cooked up our meal and had it outside under a huge tree. We made spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread and pizza. I think the Fijians liked it, I’m not sure! But they did eat it all! Not long after tea, I went to bed because I was pretty tired! On Sunday we had two church services. The first one was outdoors under a little shelter which was really cool. At one stage there were pigs running around outside, it was quite funny! Our team sung some songs and shared at the church service too. The next church service wasn’t until 5pm and it was in Latoka, which is a half an hour drive away! This service was more modernised and it was heaps of fun. Once again, our team shared and sung a couple of songs. On the way back we stopped to get McDonald’s which was great! When we got back it was fairly late so most of us went to bed! Pictured below is some of the kids in the village before the morning church service.

Thanks for reading, Shona Mimi xx


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