My First Pregnancy | The Third Trimester

My First Pregnancy | The Third Trimester

34 weeks and 39 weeks

I can’t believe I have a three week old baby girl as I sit down to write this post. The whole pregnancy feels like a lifetime ago. I’m glad I took notes through it all because I don’t think I’d remember everything that happened if not!

So up until the third trimester I would say my pregnancy was smooth sailing. It kind of got a bit crazy though once I got to 28 weeks. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining; I know so many woman have to go through much worse things, but I still want to share my experience!

The first day of my third trimester I was booked in for a scan to check up on bub. At the 20 week scan there were some choroid plexus cysts present on her brain, so the scan was to check that they were gone, which they were! But the scan also showed that bub was measuring below the 10th percentile in size, which was about 2-3 weeks behind. We saw the doctor soon after the scan and we were told that they couldn’t see any obvious reason why bub’s growth was behind but they would do fortnightly scans to keep an eye on it. At each scan bub crept up in the percentiles and by the 38th week she was back up to the 40th percentile! The doctor just put it down to the fact that she was a small baby. It was still stressful nonetheless, especially those first two weeks after the first scan when we didn’t really know what was going on!

Another problem arose when I saw the midwife at 29 weeks. My blood pressure reading was 150/90. My bloods and urine tests came back showing no signs of preeclampsia but from then on I was monitored weekly to keep an eye on it. My blood pressure never got much worse but it never got much better either! It became mentally exhausting, all the appointments and not knowing what each one would bring. On more than one occasion a check up with the midwife in Smithton ended up being a trip to Burnie to be monitored for a few hours. I know it was all worth it to keep bub safe and healthy, but I definitely was sick of the hospital by the end of it! At 34 weeks the doctor put me on blood pressure medication which helped somewhat, but towards the end my blood pressure crept back up. I saw different doctors each week which meant I kept getting told different things. One doctor told me I’d be induced at 37 weeks and another told me I wouldn’t have to be induced at all! I ended up being booked in to be induced at 39+3 weeks. I was so glad to make it that far because things felt so uncertain at times.

As for the normal pregnancy symptoms, there were plenty of those too! I felt awful while I was still working. Getting through each day was a struggle. I finished working at 35 weeks and within a few days I started feeling great! And I did for the rest of the pregnancy! My body just really needed the rest. Some other symptoms I experienced include:

• Pelvic Bone Pain – This was awful! Most days I was so sore, I felt like someone had whacked me in the crotch with a cricket bat!

• Increased IBS – I’ve suffered from IBS since I was in high school. While pregnant, it was so much worse. Not sure if this was from the anxiety of everything happening or the pregnancy itself. Probably both!

• Lower Back Pain – I think this was definitely a given. The more weight that went out the front, the more painful my back was!

• Bad Circulation – I noticed in the last few weeks that all the veins in my feet and hands started to bulge, and my legs would go purple if I stood still for too long. I was definitely swollen all over towards the end too.

Sitting here now with my healthy and happy baby in my arms makes all this seem so insignificant, but at the time it did seem like a big deal. It sure is a relief to be able to hold my precious girl and not have to worry if she was okay or not while she was inside my belly!

My next post will be my birth story, which I am so excited to share!

Thank you for reading!

Shona Mimi xx

My First Pregnancy | The First & Second Trimester

My First Pregnancy | The First & Second Trimester

As I’m writing this post I am 37 weeks pregnant! Now that I’m on maternity leave I seem to have all this extra time that I haven’t had for a long time. I’ve decided to jump back on this blog and start writing again. This next coming year is going to look very different as I enter into the journey of motherhood with my little baby girl due on the 21st of January. I hope I can find the time to continue writing and sharing my experiences through 2019 and beyond.

In this post I’ll be sharing the first six months of my pregnancy, from finding out I was pregnant, finding out we were having a girl and all the fun symptoms that I’ve experienced! After the birth I will share what’s happened in the third trimester and hopefully my labour and delivery story too.

I found out I was pregnant on Sunday the 20th May 2018. I had taken a pregnancy test a week prior after feeling “off” but it must have been too early to tell because it was negative. The day before I got the positive test I had said to a friend I really thought I was pregnant because I was soooo tired and soooo hungry. My period wasn’t due until the 22nd of May so I was going to wait to see whether it came or not but when I woke up on the 20th of May I decided to take a test anyway as I was home alone and had no plans all day, so I could take the day to let the news sink in if it was positive… and positive it was! Cameron came home from work on his lunch break and I didn’t even wait for him to come inside – I ran and met him at the car and I think he knew what was going on before I even got to him. We were absolutely stoked.

I had a dating scan at 7 weeks, another scan at 13 weeks and then another at 20 weeks. Our baby was looking healthy and well at all three scans. At the 20 week scan we got the lady doing the ultrasound to put the sex of the baby in an envelope. We passed this onto a cake maker and later that week we got together with our families and had a “gender reveal” party. When we cut the cake open the middle contained PINK sprinkles! I wasn’t surprised at all; I’d had a gut feeling from the beginning I was carrying a girl.

I was quite lucky throughout the first and second trimester to experience nearly no sickness. I had a few days where I vomited but I never had a constant feeling of nausea, which I am so grateful for. Working as a hairdresser would have been so tough if I felt sick the entire time! Some other symptoms I did experience include:

  • Sore Breasts – This was one of the first things I noticed and it never really went away completely.
  • Bad Skin – I broke out on my chin and the skin went really itchy and dry. This cleared up by 28 weeks. The skin on my chest was also really irritated.
  • Dizziness – This lasted until about 16 weeks. Anytime I would put my head down or bend over I would get light headed.
  • Turned Off Coffee – Before getting pregnant I would drink 2-3 coffees a day. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t stand it! This only lasted until 14 weeks though.
  • Exhaustion – I feel like the lack of sickness was made up for in tiredness. I could have 10 hours sleep through the night and still feel exhausted. This got a little better after 20 weeks.
  • Leaking Breasts – My breasts starting leaking clear fluid at 23 weeks. This is certainly something I was not expecting!
  • Cravings – I didn’t have too many crazy food cravings, but I did eat a lot of honey joys, peanut butter on toast, coke spiders and national meat pies which I never really liked before being pregnant.

I’m the type of person who likes to know exactly what I’m getting myself into so as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started doing lots of research. I read Bec Judd’s book “The Baby Bible”, I listened to every episode of the “Australian Birth Stories” podcast and I have watched plenty of birthing vlogs on YouTube.

The third trimester has been a little more full on, so I will write a post about that when it is over!

Thank you for reading.

Shona Mimi xx